About Us

We are a group of residents and business owners in Clinton, Camanche and Fulton who want to see this area get better. Clinton Knows is a campaign to highlight the positive aspects of this region.

Clinton Knows Good People!
Clinton Knows Hard Work!
Clinton Knows A Good Time!

Good People. There is still a Midwestern charm in the Gateway region. Schools raise thousands of dollars for a good cause. We step up when a family faces a crisis. Overall, we support each other. Clinton Knows Good People.

Hard Work. Some people smell something weird when they come to town. We smell money. We work hard for what we have. We’re not scared to put in a little overtime. We’re clever, innovative and we get the job done. Clinton Knows Hard Work.

A Good Time. We have something for everyone. From river fun, wine tasting, good food, the casino, nightlife, and kids activities, we are a city that knows how to have fun. If you’re bored, don’t blame it on Clinton. There’s plenty to do. Clinton Knows A Good Time.

How Was This Started?

Chris Busker with Clown nose in Clinton Iowa

Chris Busker


Originally from Rockford, Illinois, Chris Busker followed his heart and settled down in Clinton, Iowa.

Clinton is very similar to my hometown. Both Rockford and Clinton used to have the most millionaires per capita. Both had robust industry that could employ anyone willing to work. Both have seen economic decline and population loss. Both have lived in their shadows for too long. Well, Grandpa did a lot, but in order to be better than Grandpa, we have to do something Grandpa never did.

I started Clinton Knows to do something that’s not being done. As a person who moved to Clinton, I see a lot of good things here. It’s time to highlight the small things that get overlooked and take pride in what we already have. 

Take Pride In Your Town

Clinton Knows is a campaign to highlight the positive aspects of Clinton, Iowa and the surrounding Gateway region. Let’s embrace our uniqueness and be proud of our region’s history.

Spread the positive messages. Please purchase a T-shirt or another cool item in our store! Clinton Knows merch can be delivered to your house (if its in zip 52732), mailed anywhere, or picked up in the Lyons District. Clinton Knows Good People & we want to know you! Get merch!

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